October 4, 2011

@ 6 months

Holy smokes, we're a half a year in with the little man and this family of three. How awesome is that? We're loving it. Loving watching him grow, learn, change. Loving how he's becoming this really neat little person with likes and dislikes. Very cool stuff.

@ 6 months, Hudson...

... has started on solids. And loves it. So far there's been rice and oat cereals. We're going crazy and moving onto wheat next! By the time we're back in a month, I expect we'll have ventured into some meats and veggies too. Fun times, messy times.

... is still not a good sleeper. We had a spurt where he was ok a few months back, but it didn't last. He's up several times a night. Sometimes it's as easy as popping a soother back in. Other times it's a long journey back to dreamland. We're soon breaking out the sleep training. Hopefully by the time we're back in a month, he'll be all sleep all night!

... has travelled by plane and automobile. We're working on adding train in there ;) Someday little man, someday. Seriously, his first vacation was a hit, including very smooth plane rides from here to NS and back. Looking forward to many more adventures in the future.

... is sitting. Well, sort of. He manages a pretty good solo sit for a short period of time before he starts to list a little. We make sure he's got a spotter close by.

... is rolling, rolling, rolling. There's no leaving him anywhere now. He can roll clear across the room in a matter of seconds. Mama's gonna have to grow those eyes in the back of her head soon. Or at least get cracking on the baby-proofing. Speaking of ...

... is curious. Or nosy. Whatever your preferred word. He is easily distracted by new things (gets that from his magpie mama, oooh shiny things, must stop and see). He reaches, touches, chews and explores everything. Very tricky, very fun.

... is active. Holy cow, the child never stops moving. His legs constantly kicking. His arms reaching. He's rolling and scooting. Sitting still is so not on his list of things to do. We were out for coffee and ran into a work colleague who asked if this was his hyper/busy time of day ... unfortunately, no, it's his every time of day.

... still the cutest boy around. Yes, he's mine so I'm supposed to think that, but I believe it. Love his sweet cheeks, his gummy grin, his cowlick crazy hair. Love every itty bitty inch from top to toe!
notice the wrinkly sign...custom chewed, crumpled and mauled by HP himself!

Happy 6 months Hudson-Bear!

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