November 25, 2011

Holidays Officially on the Horizon

Well, I'm not sure where the year has gone, but we are officially one month from Christmas Day. Around here, for us that usually means the clock speeds up even more. Between shopping, wrapping, decorating, entertaining, visiting, crafting and just plain chilling by the fire, New Year's Eve will be here bringing with it a brand new year.   Knowing that the next few weeks will be flying by, I'm making a to-do list and checking it twice, so far it looks a little like this:

1. Help Hudson write up his Santa Letter
2. Finish up the holiday gift shopping
3. Sip wine by the fire with my family
4. Pull out the holiday decorations and spread the love throughout the house
5. Bake a few cakes and cookies
6. Sip wine by the fire with my family
7. Schedule in a few runs, hikes and walks (to counteract those cakes & cookies!)
8. Write, address and mail the holiday cards
9. Sip wine by the fire with my family
10. Squeeze in a few holiday gatherings with friends
11. Squeeze in some time in the scrapbook nook and get my craft on
12. Sip wine by the fire with my family.

As you can see, my lists strike a healthy balance between errands, food, and fun :) That`s the only way I know to get it done! Of course, there will also be plenty of red cup love over the next few weeks.

What about you, do you have your holiday to-do list done?

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