November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thanksgiving Day for my friends south of the border, making it seem appropriate to offer up some gratitude in a Thankful Thursday post. A few of the simple things I'm thankful for today are:

1. Nanny Pat. As I type, I'm snowbound around the bay at mom's house. We came out earlier this week to escape the work crews laying hardwood at the house. Poor H got a little squirrelly at the sound of the saw and I figured there was at least a day or two of work to be done, so we got outta a dodge. Of course, where else does one go to escape but grandma's house? We had planned to head back today, but with the snowfall we're sticking around for another night. But trust me, there are worse places to be stranded in a snowstorm... to wit:

2. Sleep. Being at Nanny's house means this momma gets a little extra sleep. I was able to sleep in yesterday morning when Nanny took Hudson upon waking and after an interrupted night of rest it was much needed. Then last night, Nanny took the night shift (a rough one at that!) while momma got herself almost 7 hours straight sleep, followed by another good solid hour. who-hoo!

3. Hot coffee + homemade muffins. There's nothing like fresh blueberry muffins and a steaming hot cup o' joe, especially when whipped up by my loving mom. Toss in Canada AM and a napping bebe and tis bliss.

It really is the simple joys my friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to those in US, happy Thankful Thursday to everyone else!

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