November 21, 2011

Our Weekend Lens

Our weekend was filled with good friends, good food, good hard work + good fun.

There was some chilling by the fire, this time indoors.
There was hanging with friends over dinner on Friday night.

There was Saturday morning coffee downtown at the Rocket, enjoying the first real snow, and sporting (aka showing off) a new mini-pea coat. Love.
There was a much need phone upgraded for D. hello iphone 4.
There was deciding on paint colours. As you can see there was much discussion.
But there was a decision followed by plenty of prep + painting.

There was some paper crafting ( + Starbucks)...

and some canvas crafting.

There was a fun visit with Nanny + Poppy. H's head is almost a good fit in Pop's hat!

And of course there was plenty of play time + fun. I love that face.
There was also brunch @ Blue with some fabulous friends on Sunday morning + visit to the hardware store. All in all, it was the perfect blend of productivity and R&R.

How about you, how was your weekend?

1 comment:

Jennifer Wellsman said...

Great pics Colleen! Too bad Harrison was a little hungry! We had a great time.