December 12, 2011

Our Weekend Lens

With Christmas just two weekends away, it's no surprise our weekend was jam-packed. There was lots of visiting and hanging close to home, errand running and road tripping, cleaning and organizing, and fun.

There was picking this sweet smiley face up from a nap two
Before: There was this mess...

After: A semi-organized scrapbook/Christmas wrapping/card signing station

There was some learning how to pick up cheerios..Mmmmm

Playing peek-a-boo with friends before dinner
There was a semi-yard sale ;)

and being mesmerized by lights and fans and hanging cords

and showing off some new holiday duds - thanks Grandma!

There was an impromptu road trip to Nanny's house
with a little red cup love + perfect oatmeal ... Mmmm
There was playtime with cousins and Aunties 
and a bath in the sink followed by big warm towel snuggles
Our little hat model. XOXO baby boy!
 Hope your weekend was just as fun! And think, two weeks from today we'll be all done with the Christmas wrap and stockings and ho ho ho-ing!

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