March 20, 2012

{Right Now}

{Right Now} I am ...

Reading... The Hunger Games Trilogy. Or perhaps devouring it is the better description. Finished the first two in less than a week and now into the third.

Feeling... like I'm wiping a little nose (or a little bum!) all day long. Such is life with a sniffling boy.

Planning... a first birthday party. Hard to believe HP is just two weeks from that day.

Thinking... about my return to work in less than a month and what I should be doing to prepare for that.

Grateful... that my bestie is able to care for Hudson while I'm working. Knowing he's in amazing, trusted hands makes the return to work so much easier.

Watching... Hudson walk more and more. He's actually becoming my walker stalker, chasing me everywhere. Amazing.

Dreaming... of a sunny warm vacation locale. Not in the cards for this year, but look out 2013. The Ryan Trio will be travelling.

Listening... to babbles and babbles and Hudson's continual attempt to say mom. Still sounds like "bob"

Looking... out the window at the first day of spring and wondering why everywhere else in Atlantic Canada is enjoying temps in the teens, while our winter is just hanging on.

Appreciating... a decent night's sleep after a few not so nice ones.

Accepting... that the afternoon nap has all but gone by the wayside and is making the most of the morning quiet time. Workouts, showers, emails, reading, whatever I can squeeze in there.

Wearing... these new sneakers. Right now, preparing to break them in on a 10km run as soon as my little guy drifts of to dreamland. (Thanks for the recco KW, they fit like a dream!)

Eating... these delightful treats. I made a batch on Saturday, with the addition of a little applesauce, and they're all but gone. Two left and saving them for dessert tonight.

Have an awesome Tuesday!

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