March 13, 2012

Twelve on 12

Last week, Elizabeth Kartchner over at Dear Lizzy issued a Daily Dozen photo challenge to her readers. The premise is straightforward: Take 12 photos of your everyday on March 12. I decided to take part and snapped away yesterday. I took a few more than 12 photos, but managed to whittle them down into a few of my favourites and an overall representation of our day.

My Twelve on 12:
1. AM workout with my frenemy Jillian. // 2. Smiley Bates after the AM nap. // 3. Cruising Costco. // 4. A little Treehouse time. // 5. Momma's view during the PM non-nap. //6. Boyso loves laptops + keyboards. // 7. "Helping" momma fold laundry. // 8. A fun self-snap. // 9. Showing off his mad block-knocking skillz. // 10. Poppy G flys home tonight so we'll drop off his truck at the airport later. 11 // Catching water. // 12. Bedtime stories. Night-night.

I think I'll include these in my Project Life album as an insert this week. Not sure yet how that'll look, but it'll be a fun addition. Always nice to capture bits of the everyday. Thanks for the inspiration Elizabeth!



trulymegs said...

I've been doing a 12of12 project for a little over a year now. I use a grid (like you did) and print it as a 5x7 and use an 8 1/2x11 page protector. Gives some room to 'scrapbook' and write in what each photo means.

destiny said...

Hi! Found you on Dear Lizzy. Enjoyed your photos!! Love the one of you and your sweet little man--cute!