March 14, 2012

Project Life Week 9

I can't say enough how much I love this project. There's just something about looking back on a week and seeing how full our everyday life is. It may not always seem so in the moment, but with a birds' eye view, you get it. For us Week 9 was a wonderful mix of the ordinary - car appointments, time at the coffee shop, haircuts, and baths - and the extra-special - visits with old and new friends, HP marking 11 months, and sending out 1st birthday invites (what?!?). It really is how the quote sticker on the date card says:

Here's a look at the full two-page spread where the whole wonderful mix of extraordinary and ordinary is captured:

And the left-side alone. I used a couple of journalling cards from the kit on this page to capture the stories, one about our wing night and the other just an overview from the week.  Some weeks I have more mojo for fancyin' it up, but this week wasn't one so I love that it can be as simple as handwriting on the card and done.

And the right hand side, with more pics and notes. I used journalling stickers on a couple of the photos to document the info + stories and leave room in the 3x4 slots for photos. Love the before and after haircut pics being showcased in there.

And a close up of the one card that got a little more mojo on it than the others. It talks about how Hudson turned 11 months on March 4 and we're now officially one month from the first birthday. Crazytown. That triggered the sending of invites for his birthday bash, which we're keeping simple with family and a few close friends, which you can see in the above pic. I loved the chipboard clock with it's time flies wording, perfect fit for the journalling :)

There you have it. And if you're not familiar with Project Life, but are interested in it, be sure to drop by Becky Higgins' website for all the deets. It can be as simple as pictures and handwritten words or as complicated as your creative heart wants it to be. You can be a family of five, three or one and make this album work for you. Becky offers up lots of great products and inspiration from tons of people using this project in different ways. I love it!

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