April 13, 2012

t-3 ...

I woke up today and it was t-3. That's right, t-3 until I'm finished maternity leave. T-3 until I wake up to rejoin the masses in morning rushes, (hot) coffee breaks, and TGIFS.  T-3 until I'm officially back to work. This has been my last week home with my boy and I've been soaking it up - hence my lack of presence on the blog this week. Come Monday, our routine changes yet again. Truth be told I'm not as worried about it as I though I would be.

I went off on maternity leave thinking I may not make the year. The thought of being disconnected from work for a whole year was a bit daunting. And while there have been times when I've actually missed it, I truly enjoyed having a year plus home with my handsome little man. I loved being able to be with him as he grew, changed, and learned. I've been fortunate to witness all his significant firsts. His first roll over. His first smiles and laugh. His first crawls. His first words. His first steps. And most recently - and finally - his first tooth. I know many mamas who missed some of these moments either because they returned to work early or because they happened while they were out or their babe didn't do it before the year was up. Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, though I am happy I didn't miss these things while I was sitting behind a desk.  Makes that return a little easier knowing I won't be wondering if he's taking that first step today.

Not just walking these days, but running.
To get this pic, I placed him by the sofa there in the background and I ran to get
on the other side of the sign. This is where he was by the time I turned around.
The boy can really move!

I am also extremely blessed to have my best friend taking care of Hudson P. She has three lovely, kind, funny, playful boys of her own and stays at home with them for the time being. She looks after another little guy and, fortunately, had a space open up for Hudson. Knowing that he's there with "Aunt" Sandy and his little buddies makes my mind and heart rest easy. There is no stress about whether or not he's eating right, getting hugs and kisses, having playtime and fun. I know there will be stories and crafts and outdoor messes and Friday happy dances with the music on bust. We've already spent some time there, with an afternoon sans mama this week, without issues. Sure the first week may be a bit of a transition for all of us, but I'm confident beyond any doubt that Hudson will settle in contentedly in no time.

Getting a little help from his friends.
One of Sandy's boys showing HP the ropes while mama was out and about.

I also like my job (and, let's be honest, my pay cheque). I'm fortunate to have ended up in a career I enjoy and working in an environment that is generally flexible and positive. While I've no doubt the first week or so will be an adjustment for me, I'm looking forward to getting back into thinking and adult conversation and, if we're being honest again, my stilettos. I do miss that part of my life and am happy to be getting that part of me back.

So, at t-3, I'm doing ok. I've spent a lot of this week getting ready - getting my hair did, stocking the freezer, shopping for a few refreshed wardrobe pieces, cleaning the house, fitting in those last mid-afternoon visits with family and friends, and of course, stacking as many blocks, driving as many tiny cars, and reading as many board books as I could. Come Sunday night, I may feel differently, but today I feel that liking my job, having my house in order, knowing Hudson will be in wonderful hands and having had more than a year to enjoy his amazing little self, makes the return to work a little easier. At t-3, it's not looking too bad.

Love you Hudson P!


Sara said...

I'm still in shock that it's been over a year already. You're in a good frame of mind so you'll be just fine Sunday night....and Monday morning!

Jennifer Wellsman said...

Great post Colleen. I remember when I went back to work after a year off with Charlotte. The year went by so fast and I enjoyed every minute. I was fortunate to be able to see all her firsts as well and see her grow into the wonderful little girl she is. At the end of the year though, it was very nice to get back to work. Your lives will change again, but it'll be a good change and you'll enjoy all the new firsts to come.