March 1, 2011

capturing the moment

Last week I dragged D along to a maternity photo shoot. Ok, not really dragged as he went willingly at my request, but I know it was only because he loves me and I wanted to do it. He's good like that :) I just really wanted to capture this moment in time. The time where we're still a family of two. Just us, excitedly awaiting the arrival of the wee that will make us three. A time I know will pass in a blink, change our lives forever and will seem like an eternity ago before we know it.

It was a chilly day for an outdoor shoot, but aren't they all in February in NL! In fact, we had to reschedule it from the previous weekend due to weather. So while a little chilly, there was no snow, rain, sleet or other such treasures that Mother Nature usually sends our way mid-winter and that made me happy. Our lovely photographer, Kate Hawkins, didn't keep us outside too long, though I'm sure she must've snapped hundreds of photos. While we have to wait a couple of weeks for the pics, thankfully she posted this sneak peek on her blogI'm smitten already. 
Photo Credit: Kate Hawkins Natural Light Photography
I love him. I love now. And I love that we did this. Years from now these photos will be a wonderful reminder of such a special time in our lives.

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Brooke said...

Nice shot! Can't wait to see more. Heading to Kate Hawkins' blog right now!