March 2, 2011

Loved & Blessed

This past weekend was my baby shower with family and friends, hosted by my wonderful mother, sister and one of my best friends. To say I was overwhelmed with the love and generousity that afternoon is an understatement.

First, the special touches from my mom made the day. She made the cake and decorated it with a replica of the little elephant that is on a hand-embroidered African wall-hanging we're hanging in the nursery and was the inspiration for the colour scheme we've chosen. It was so wonderfully me.

There were more people there than I had ever expected to see. I'm beyond grateful that they all wanted to come and celebrate this special time with me. And even though it was a little crowded at times, I'm so glad we had the shower at my house. It made it so much more personal than having it at hall or somewhere outside ever could.


As I opened the gifts, I marvelled at how tiny and soft everything was. I also marvelled at the seemingly endless offering of gifts and cards. I'm  also lucky to have one of the best girlfriends anyone could ask for. She carefully noted who gave which gift so I can properly and personally thank everyone later on. She also lead all the games and festivities making the afternoon a bundle of fun!

Throughout the afternoon, it suddenly all became more real. What had been months away before was now just one month away. Where we had so much left to do and to get to be "ready", we now have very little. Yet, that doesn't leave me panicked or worried or anxious as I thought it might. I know that it is because we are loved by so many. The fact that this was the third baby shower hosted in our honour is testament to that. (My former work and D's work spoiled us crazy as well!) I know I am blessed to have so many family and friends who are as anxious to meet Baby Ryan as we are and that we will have all the love and support we need.

And it helps that this wee one will truly want for nothing when he or she arrives -
the least of which will be love and attention!

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