July 26, 2011

Pull Up Your Peonies

For anyone who grows peonies, you know how difficult it can be to keep those beauties upright once they start to bloom. The gorgeous big flowers are just too heavy for the stems and they droop forward and/or, as in our case, often lay on the ground. We tried the wire hoop things from the gardening centres without much luck. We've strung them up with heavy strings and household wires to no avail. They've always just drooped and looked pooped. That is until this weekend when my ever-creative hubby came up with this ingenious solution:

Yes, that is a old wooden chair you see in our garden. We have a bunch of these in our attic. While some are waiting for a home in our hall/entryway, this one has made a home in our garden. It holds up the peonies wonderfully and blends in perfectly with the rustic (aka grassy-n-weedy) garden and clapboard-sided home.

I love it!  

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