July 25, 2011

Shop Local

I love shopping. Full stop. To wit, this scrapbook page made about my outlet shopping excursion south of the border during my honeymoon (and yes, this was after I spent a week in NYC!). I got off to a slow start on that trip, but quickly made up for lost time as you can see from the various clothing tags used on the page as embellishments and (perhaps more obviously) all the bags stuffed into the trunk of the car!

But what I love most about this page is that the background is actually a bag from Johnny Ruth, a local clothing store. When I got that bag with its pretty sketch, I immediately thought it would make a nice addition to a scrapbook page. I held onto it for a long while before it found the perfect home on a page about shopping.

I love that I was able to recycle the bag rather than throw it out and I love that it is from a local store because as much as I love shopping, I love shopping local even more. Fortunately, St. John`s offers some great local stores. A few of my current favorites include:

Johnny Ruth - While I`m not in the market for much more than sweats and t-shirts these days (mat leave pay + spit-up + poo  ≠ splurging on fun, trendy clothing), I do love the cute selection of ethically made, quality clothing. Even if I`m not buying right now, the window displays alone are always an inspiration for colour, texture and style. If you`ve never been, be sure to drop by their store on Water Street when you get the chance.

Bellies and Bundles - I first discovered Bellies and Bundles when I was pregnant and was instantly grateful. First, their selection of maternity wear (hence Bellies) was exactly what I needed for both work and play. While a little pricier than the mainstream maternity store, the quality and style of their clothes was waaay better. Waaaay better. I needed only a few key pieces to mix and match and I was good to go. Now, their selection of eco-friendly and natural baby products (hence Bundles) make great additions to our family. And the service and product knowledge is always excellent. I would have been lost trying to decide on a carrier without it. I ended up with the Cybex one seen here and love it (also available in blue, black and red!). Visit them on Torbay Road today!

GingerSnap - Another baby store, this one downtown on Water Street, offering a great selection of natural and stylish products for wee ones. I particularly like their selection of toys and onesies. In fact, we have our eye on a great vintage-style toy for the little guy for Christmas. And like Bellies and Bundles, the service is awesome.

The Rocket - For the foodie in you, drop by the Rocket. You`ll find it where Auntie Crae`s used to be on Water Street. I love the double Americano with a slice of quiche or perhaps an almond filled croissant or a hunk of the honey carrot loaf or maybe a fresh ginger cookie or ... ah, who am I kidding, all the treats are tasty and best enjoyed in the fresh, bright common area. Pull up a chair or curl up in the window seat perfect for people watching and you`re all set. I`ve also picked up bread for home and wholeheartedly vouch for the multigrain and the cracked black pepper foccaccia. I`m eager to try the olive bread as well. And for my gluten free friends, you can stock up on great quinoa and gluten-free products anytime and they offer almost-wheatless-Wednesdays.

Lesters Farms - And of course, Lesters is the place for fresh produce and locally grown goods. Right now, you can stock up on spinach, assorted lettuce and other greens and yummy summer sweet strawberries at the u-pick (or already picked if you`re in a hurry!). Before long, you`ll see root veggies on the shelves, the corn husks growing high and pumpkins piling up in the patch. Fun for families and foodies!

The Paperie - Finally, as a scrapbooker, I`d be remiss to not mention the Paperie. They always have the latest and greatest of supplies in stock and if they don`t have what you`re looking for, just ask, they can usually order it in for you. I can just browse the racks of pretty papers, stamps and inks though more often than not I walk out with an item or two (or three or more!). I also love their classes where they showcase new products and techniques. If you`re new to scrapbooking, try an intro class and before long you`ll be browsing the shelves and snapping up the latest goods too.

So, while I do shop the malls, the outlets, online and pretty much anywhere I can, I love to shop local too. Do you?


brooklynCREATIVE said...

Makes me wish I was headed your way soon!

Meghan said...

I love all these shops too (especially that last one, haha)! There are a few that I would add to the list...
HOME on Water; what a happy, calming environment - I love browsing this store!
Posie Row - my go-to store for unique birthday and Christmas gifts for my friends and I always find something there for myself.
Fred's Records - the ONLY record store I will shop at, if they don't have what you want they will order it in for you, even rare b-sides. I wish kids today felt the same excitement over purchasing albums - discovering hidden treasures in the liner notes. Ahhh. <3

Katie said...

I love that idea! I always keep my tags from shopping, bags, especially mini ones, and thought recently, what I'm I going to do with this stuff? But I love shopping so much, and the reminders of my treasures, I can't let go! Great idea Colleen! I've always wanted to scrapbook, I've never bother, but I think I may have some inspiration!