September 6, 2011

@ 5 Months

Hope you all had an awesome long weekend. We certainly did. We extended by another day and jam-packed it with good family fun. I'll be back tomorrow with a few pics from our weekend lens. For now though I'm happy to share one big highlight from our weekend ... Hudson's 5 month birthday! Even at just 5 months he's an amazing little person. We love him so much it's almost impossible to fathom and even more impossible to explain. Any of you who are parents understand what I mean.

@ 5 months Hudson is

... teething. Drool and disrupted sleep are accompanying the process. Poor him. Poor us. But more poor him.

... chewing. On everything. Goes with teething. Goes with growing. He's exploring and learning. We can see it. We can see how he responds to textures and temperatures. It is messy and cool.

... rolling. He's started rolling from back to belly and is a total roly-poly now. Daytime, nighttime, anytime he can. But he only rolls to his left. He has also seemingly forgot he has the ability to roll back over to his back and simply whines until someone flips him back. He'll figure it all out in due time I know.

... growing. He now weighs about 16 pounds. He was 15lbs 8ozs at his needles a few weeks ago and likely a bit bigger now. He's already wearing some of his 6 month sized clothes and can easily fit into a size 3 diaper. He's growing from our little chicken into our little turkey!

... rising and shining. He wakes around 6:30am, almost like clockwork. Doesn't matter if his last bottle was 2am, 3am, 4am or 5am, his body clock says 6:30am is time to rise and shine. Unfortunately this mama doesn't shine so well at that hour. If I'm lucky, I can convince him to snuggle in our bed a little longer, but usually we're up (but not necessarily at 'em).

...kicking. He loves to kick, kick, kick his little legs. On his bee mat. In the tub. In the car seat. In your arms. As he kicks and kicks and kicks we usually say "you're a kicker, you're a runner, you're a goer!" which makes him smile and kick even more.

... splashing. He loves bath time. Even when he's fussy, some time in the tub makes him happy. He loves to splish-splash with his legs (see above note re: kicking) and put his toys and facecloths in his mouth (see above note re: chewing).

... squealing. He's seemingly found the volume button on his voice and uses it to squeal and scream. Sometimes just a little, sometimes a LOT. 

... grabbing. My hair. Daddy's face. His toys. Pretty much anything his tiny little fingers can get a hold of. And let me tell you, he's got quite the grip.

... laughing. Along with that too-cute-for-words grin, Hudson has really started to laugh and giggle. Usually when we're tickling and nuzzling him, but also when we're singing, dancing or otherwise acting silly. Such fun.

demonstrating his rolling skills during our photo shoot :)

At 5 months, he's as cute as he's always been and getting more so by the day. Loving this time with him.

Happy 5 months HPR!

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Lesley Ann Staples said...

wow five months already...where does the time go. HPR happy 5 months!