September 2, 2011

Happy Labour Day

Labour Day always feels like the end of summer even though the official end is still a few weeks away. Even when the warm weather is lingering and we hold onto hope for that coveted Indian Summer, Labour Day still feels like last hurrah of season. I suppose that's because it is usually associated with the return to school, the first fall month and the end of vacation days for most.

Like many people, our little family has some great plans to celebrate the long weekend with family and friends. There's a short road trip, a double 50th-birthday celebration, plenty of eating and sociables, and {hopefully} some R&R on the agenda. I'll be making one of these tasty pans of goodness for the party crowd and I'm pretty sure it'll be a crowd-pleaser.

What`s different this year though is that I`m pish-poshing the notion that summer is gone with the weekend. I`m not returning to work, there`s no school starting for us and, besides, I still have a few items to check off that summer to-do list.  So come Monday, I plan to continue enjoying summer until it's last official day of the year!

Happy Labour Day weekend!

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