September 1, 2011

September School-Spiration

I've always loved this time of year. When paper and pencils and binders and backpacks grace the shelves of almost every major store in town. I've always loved the new school supply smell, that combination of plastic and rubber and lead. I've always loved sharpening pencils and watching the shavings drift into a pile on the table. I've always loved organizing loose leafs into binders, labeling notebooks and feeling book spines crack as I opened them for the first time. Truth is I've always loved school.

Even as a child, I looked forward to returning to school. I liked to play school with my new supplies as I eagerly awaited that first day back. I read my books from the previous year again so they were fresh in my mind. Yes, I was that kid. That nerdy little kid who actually liked school. I loved my summers too, but really I loved going back to school. It's a wonder I didn't become a teacher. And now perhaps it's because I'm
not a teacher that I still love this time of year.

Even though I'm not returning to class and even though my boy is still a while (albeit a short while in parent years) away from starting school, I couldn't help but be drawn into the many blog posts sharing ideas for the upcoming school year. Before I knew it I was pinning away on Pinterest, saving them for what I don't know. For four or five years from now when Hudson starts school? So rather than just having them collect pixels on my pinboards, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite finds with you. I know many of you have kiddos of your own hitting the books once again, either next week if you're here in Newfoundland or perhaps already back if you're reading from elsewhere. Hope there's something here of {P}interest to you:

A great idea for a teacher's gift as seen here. What teacher wouldn't enjoy homemade cookies on the first day of school, the last day or pretty much any day in between. Save one those coffee shop cups, clean it out, use the free download from eighteen25 to make the tags and you're all set. The only trick will be making sure your kiddo doesn't eat them on the bus first!

These note cards by KikiCreates are super cute and sure to make your own little (or big) kid smile as they unpack their lunch. You can buy them from her or if you're more budget-conscious you can make your own homemade versions with a few blank note cards, stamps and a personalized note. Nothing says "I love you" more than a note from mom + dad in your lunch.

I've seen a bunch of people post about their 'back to school feasts', a fun concept. Basically they have a special dinner as a family the night before the first day back to school, usually with some sort of special tradition whether a little gift for the kiddies, a special crown or badge, a favourite meal or dessert, a blessing or so on. If you want to start your own you can use these fun downloads also from eighteen25. What a great way to talk about expectations for the year, alleviate any fears or anxieties, and just be together as a family!

Of course, what's a first day back without that first day of school photo. This is a fun take on that traditional shot, seen on this Flickr photostream. You position the kiddies slightly to the left or right of a semi-plain background and then use photo-processing to add in a few factoids about them at that age. You could use the same background each year or vary it, totally up to you. Totally cool.

Oh how the Type A in me sings and prances about at the sight of this drawer! Thank you Becky Higgins for your ever ingenious ways of organizing life. This drawer is an assortment of pre-prepared lunchtime snacks. She has a similar arrangement in her fridge. She then makes a sandwich in the morning and allows the kids to select their own add-ons and pack the rest of their lunch themselves. This A) is organized B) involves the kids in the process C) streamlines the morning rush. All good people, all good.

Or perhaps you have a bit more time on your hands for lunch prep or maybe a fussy eater who needs to be tricked persuaded to eat what you've packed. If so, any one of these 10 fun bento box lunches would likely do the trick! Like what you see? Then drop by What's For Lunch At Our House for many more ingenious ideas.

And, I'll end on a sweet note. How about these for a special after school snack? You can order them online if you want, but they would also be super simple to make at home. Slice some apple wedges, melt some chocolate, put out a few bowls of toppings and dip and dip and chill to set. The kids could even help on this one. Sweetness all around.

Hope something here gave you some September school-spiration!

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