November 10, 2011

Balancing To-Do Lists and Time

This week has been a flurry of activity around our house. Nothing exciting, just the everyday busy-ness that goes with getting things done.

Cleaning out our attic/crawl space has been on the to-do list for months and months. Needing the real estate to temporarily stuff stuff in a few weeks time when we're doing some minor renos on the bedroom and hobby room, we finally got at it on Monday. We worked around a fussy boy, a napping boy, a feeding boy and we got 'er done. Nothing like an upcoming redecorating opportunity to get the nitty gritty off the list! Of course, we were then left with a pile of stuff to toss, donate, and burn, which we attended to on Tuesday. To the dump, the Salvation Army and the backyard fire pit we went. Family road trip anyone?

Wednesday was crossing off the other household to-do's, including groceries, getting gas, and a trip to Costco. I actually managed to get away to do that without the boy in tow and was reminded about how efficiently productive I once was and will be again... someday. The house was also due for a cleaning. Nothing like your mother coming to visit on the weekend to get that done! Not that she'd mind the dust, more that she'd probably dust it while she's here and I much prefer she be preoccupied with relaxing and enjoying her grandson than helping me clean the cobwebs from the corners. So dusting, scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, washing and folding was the order of the afternoon. Phew.

In between all that, I also managed to pack for my weekend away. You see, tomorrow I'm off to a three-day weekend scrapbook retreat with a group of like-minded fabulous ladies and I am so looking forward to it. Stealing a few minutes here and a few minute there I packed paper, scissors, tape into my crop bag. I sorted, edited and printed oodles of photos. I packaged up ink and stamps, ribbons and buttons, assorted embellishments and tools, snacks and {most importantly} wine into a few other bags. I even packed up my printer and paper. Yes, I'm bringing my computer and printer and I assure you, even with my four bags of gear and a small suitcase, I will probably be one of the ladies with the least amount of stuff in tow. I actually tried to take only what I use the most and will likely reach for first. I'm also hoping that if I've forgotten something, someone will share.

With all of the gutting and donating, the cleaning and clearing, the packing and preparing, I really enjoyed this post by Soule Mama. It was a great reminder to pause, breathe, and just be in the present. As I prepare to take on yet another day with a to-do list a mile long, I will keep this top of mind. Especially since there's a stuffy, sniffly, runny-nosed little monster who will probably be reaching for a few extra cuddles today. I'm sure the last bit of housework, the paperwork and other odds and ends can't wait another minute, hour or day.

What can you press pause on today, even if for just a moment?

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Jennifer Wellsman said...

Great post Colleen. A pause for a moment is all there seems to be time for these days. But, it is important to do so. Thanks for the introduction to Soule Mama. Hope your little guy is better soon. Have a fabulous weekend. Now, off to try and cross things off my to-do list...