November 9, 2011

Our Little Car Guy

I knew before he was born that our child, boy or girl, was bound to be a car-kid. With a daddy who's into muscle cars, what choice was there really? So life started with these onesies: 

For non-car peeps, a hemi is a specific type of engine :)

At three months Hudson's first photo shoot included hanging out on the hood of a 1970 Chevelle.

Then, yesterday afternoon was spent at Mercedes-Benz checking out the world's first motorcar.

Things have changed quite a bit since the late 1800's eh?

And I thought I overheard Hudson asking daddy if he could have this car when he gets his license in 16 years.

Daddy told him he could have it if we ever win the big jackpot on Lotto 649 ;)

Yes, he really is a little car guy in the making!

1 comment:

Eddy said...

I foresee this kid working hand in hand with Dad to get the mods done so he can win the drag race