November 30, 2011

She's in Slings: A Room Reno

A while ago we bought some hardwood flooring from a friend who had the some on hand that they didn't need. It's a bit of a tangled story, but long story short we ended up with a really good deal on some really good hardwood that was perfect for finishing off the last two rooms in our house that still had carpet. Good intentions met up with competing priorities and somehow the wood sat untouched in the garage for months on end. We finally decided the time had come to get 'er laid.

We love the dark shade.
Of course, it wasn't as simple as that. We I figured that if we were going through the process of pulling up the carpet, now would be a good time to update the paint colour on the walls in our bedroom as well. We I was tired of the baby poo green shade and ready for something new. It made sense to paint before the carpet came up as we wouldn't have to worry about drop cloths all over the floor. Paint, drip, pull 'er up and replace. We I agreed that this made the most sense and we were off to the Paint Shop. (More on paint inspiration, options and selection in another post).

obviously a grey shade for the walls
Then of course the baseboards had to come off before the flooring goes down, which reminded us that we were not really happy with the ceiling mouldings either. Flooring logically leads to thoughts of ceilings for everyone right? Seriously though, both the baseboards and mouldings were just the very basic style and the mouldings were even absent along the slanted sides of our ceiling/walls. If we were going through the trouble of pulling off the baseboards anyways well... we might as well update both with something a little nicer. So off to the hardware store we went.

As we looked around at the boxes of flooring, cans of paint, and bits of wood we realized it would be absolutely ludicrous to do all that work and leave the 20+ year old light fixture in place. C`mon, you`re with me on this right? If you`re not convinced take a look at this:

this was basic even for the late seventies when we're certain is was installed!
So, we made our way to the light shop and placed an order. It`ll be a few weeks before it gets in. In the meantime, the painting began and we Des realized we`d he`d like to try a little something different with the slanted walls/ceiling. I got excited about his idea, so we were back to the hardware store for more supplies.

Somehow the simple installation of already purchased hardwood ballooned it a complete room overhaul. And I`ve yet to begin picking up the new bedding or working on some of the other projects I now have in mind to finish off the new look. Alas, isn`t that how renos go?

At this point, the bedroom has been emptied of furniture, stripped of baseboards and mouldings, painted, and flooring installed. With the second room (the hobby room) also emptied of furniture for the flooring installation, everything has been crammed into our upstairs storage space + Hudson`s nursery + the hallway + the living room + the spare room and basically any other corner where there`s space.

Literally stacked and stuffed everywhere! At least Hudson seems unfazed about the temporary additions to his room.
Right now, she`s in slings `byes she`s in slings. We`re working on getting it all straightened back up over the next few days (only for the holiday decorations to come out and we can start all over again!). Stay tuned for more reno updates and eventually the finished room.

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Katie said...

Looking forward to seeing the completed look, Colleen. I love me a good reno!