December 1, 2011

More Spotlight Sharing

A few more of my scrapbook layouts are up over on the Paperie Blog with a request for a few more (we'll have to see about that ;). I want to pick a favourite layout, but I can't! They all tell a special story or capture a special moment. It's too hard for me to play faves amongst them. I guess you'll have to choose for me ;)

Is it this one showing how similar my boys really are?

right down the expression
Or this one, preserving the memories of baby clothes first washed, folded and put away weeks before the baby was even here?

{please ignore the 'o' it has been fixed!}
Too bad this isn't a scratch-n-sniff page.

Or this one starring my mini Hefner?

how many robes does a boy need? apparently four.
Or maybe it's this one, making time between nanny and babe stand still?

I love the masking and misting on the background on this one.

I can't choose favourites, but maybe you can!

1 comment:

Jennifer Wellsman said...

Like them all.... my favourite, it's a toss up between the first two, but I think the clothes layout wins by a peg!