December 4, 2011

@ 8 Months

This time last year I was thinking that once Christmas was passed, it would be no time before I was cluing up at work, beginning maternity leave, and welcoming a bouncing baby into our lives. This year, I'm thinking how once Christmas is passed it will be no time before I'm heading back to work. I will distract myself by celebrating our bouncing baby's 8 month birthday!

Getting a picture this month was TOUGH!
Little dude just wanted to move, not sit still and pose for his momma. This was the best we could do ;) 

@ 8 months, Hudson is
... an awesome little eater. Aside from chicken and carrots, he pretty much eats everything we serve him. New in the mix this month are corn, applesauce, beans and egg yolks. We're going to add pears and broccoli soon. Mmmm.

... can crawl. Yep, little man is on the move. Fortunately for us, he's not fast and doesn't get far...yet.  It'll be just a little while though before we're chasing him around the house.

... just starting to pull himself up. He tries to get up on his pins in the crib, but doesn't quite have it down yet. Instead, he gets himself half up on his knees and gets himself stuck with his face pressed up against the bars, at which point the whining begins and it's momma and daddy to the rescue.

... toothless. Despite the continual drool, the stubborn diaper rash, and the constant chewing, there's nary a tooth. These days we're singing All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth ;)

... loves the computer. He loves to click clack the keys, watch videos on YouTube, and just play with it. Whenever he's close, watch out! Fortunately, he's not interested when the screen in closed.

... closing in on 21lbs. He has the cutest little turkey legs. He's sporting 9-12 months clothing and at least 12 months sleepers. Baby fat is the best!

... blowing bubbles and babbling non-stop. I'm expecting he's gonna be a big talker and soon.

... still not a great sleeper. Certainly better since the initial attempt at sleep training and losing the pacifier, but not the greatest. He'll wake at least once or twice within the first few hours of going down and he's then usually good until 4ish before waking to eat. If we're really lucky, he'll sleep through til 6ish.

... an even worse napper. Completely inconsistent. Sometimes he goes easy, more often he fights going down. Sometimes he sleeps for only 30 minutes (or less!) and other times it's up to an hour and half. Sometimes he needs to go down after being awake just a couple of hours, sometimes he's good for four plus. {Sigh}.

... loves his bedtime books. Well, he loves books (and magazines and newspaper) period. But at bedtime he knows which two books we read. Try to read a different one and he wants no part of it. He's starting to flip pages more and more, but it's mostly a bunch of chewing these days.

... loves the TV credits. If you're in his way when the end of show credits pop up, watch out. He'll push, pull, and reach his way around you to see it. He stares and stares and stares until their done. Perhaps he envisions his name in there one day?
... tends to want to play with things that are not toys. Thin Tupperware, wooden spoons, momma's fall decor, etc. Makes shaking up the playtime fun!

... the most handsome boy around.

This picture however is so Hudson right now. Go, go, go + explore.

Happy 8 Months Handsome Hudson!


Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Happy 8 months to your sweet boy!

Jamie said...

What an adorable idea! love it! (visiting from the simple things)

Lesley Ann Staples said...

how sweet is he. Happy 8 months Hudson...see you soon.

Jennifer Wellsman said...

Happy 8 months Hudson! Love the bottom picture.

Aiketa said...

Love that second pic! And happy 8 month to your baby.

Visiting from The Simple Things.

lehogan said...

:) Cute second shot.

Hudson and James have similar night time sleeping behaviors. James is a bit better at the napping, but only a bit!