December 5, 2011

Our Weekend Lens

I love this time of year. The feel of the crisp air. The sound of holiday songs. The smell of fires in chimneys and cakes in ovens. The sight of bright twinkle lights. The taste of tipples in mugs. Our weekend was filled with all this and more. It must be December.

Our weekend looked a little lot like this:

A little Baileys in my coffee in a holiday mug?
Why yes, I think I will. 

A little red cup love.

A little card crafting, vino drinking, itunes listening late night

A few snuggles with Nanny at the Rocket

and trying pop`s hat on for size

a bit of brisk walking downtown

a little lollipop eating

a bit of distraction during momma`s attempt at the 8 month photo shoot

a little decking of the halls

and a pre-bath, pre-bedtime strut to see the Christmas lights.
Ah December, you`re first weekend was fun. We can`t wait to see what else you have in store.

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