December 22, 2011

Guest Post: Fabulous Festive Fimo

We have another guest blogger for you today, Miss Sarah Jones. Sarah takes up residence online at Half Sweet Vanilla where she showcases her love of design, illustration and inspiration. which she insists is best enjoyed with a coffee, tea, or latté. I can't say I disagree. Sarah is by far one of the most creative, artistic, and crafty people I know... as in she's even had demos featured on HGTV's website! I am very pleased to have her join us here with a great idea for a quick and easy craft you (and/or your kids!) can do before Christmas Day. Enjoy!

Fabulous Festive Fimo
by Sarah Jones

Looking for a fun and festive diy project that will add a personal touch to the top of your gifts this year? All you need is the classic sculpting clay; Fimo, an alphabet stamp set, a needle or straw [to make the hole for your ribbon] and an oven.
Unlike those sculpting clays that need to air dry, Fimo is baked. When you are happy with your creations place on a clean cookie tray and into an oven that has been pre-heated to 230F for 30 minutes. Remove from oven, allow to cool and voila! Add ribbon or garland and attached your tags to your gifts! [They are like little gifts in and unto themselves]
Fimo comes in a variety of colours and the options of what you can make are endless. Along with tags and garland try covering jar lids, make customized magnets or ornaments.
Get kids involved too! They will have just as much fun as you seeing their soft clay creations being put into the oven and coming out as hardened masterpieces!

Awesome right? Thanks Sarah!

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