December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Holiday Edition

The holidays are happier when we take a moment to appreciate the little and big things that make up our lives. A few things I am thankful for this holiday season are:

Abundance. Not of things, but of love, faith, spirit, family + friends, good health, and sweet baby smiles. We are surrounded by so much of all of this during the holidays and all through the year.

even covered in sweet potato, that face makes my heart full!

Time Together. We've been fortunate to have D home with us for a while now and have often commented on how lucky we've been to have such extended family time together. He's been able to enjoy many milestone moments that daddys often miss. That time together is coming to a close very early in 2012 as he  moves on to a new opportunity. We are making sure to really enjoy the remaining time together this Christmas.

out for lunch on a weekday afternoon

Giving. It is the season where gifts are plenty among our families and friends. Knowing this isn't the case for so many others among us, I am grateful for the ability to share my abundance with others through donations. Our home has shared with the Marguerite's Place holiday program in a joint effort coordinated by a very dear friend. Through her, we collectively helped four families have a little less stress and a little more happy this holiday season. Our home will also be donating diapers to the annual Waterwerks Diaper Drive. 1 in 5 moms have had to choose between food and diapers. I'm lucky to not have to make such a decision and want to help make sure other moms don't either. And of course, there will be more donations to the food bank, as the donations they receive now not only help with the holiday season, but also help sustain the food bank needs through the long winter months. If you have the ability to share your abundance, please do.

Another Year Passing + Another Year Ahead. I often lament at how fast time passes and how much faster that seems with each and every passing year. Truthfully though, I am thankful to have lived another year and enjoyed the memories it has given us, particularly this year with the addition of little HP to our family. As it wraps up, I am also thankful for the year ahead and all that it holds for us.

What about you, what are you thankful for this holiday season?

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