January 25, 2012

It's Story Time

What would a week of story-related posts be without a look into what we're reading right now?

Growing up I devoured books. I read and read and read. When other kids were playing tag and spotlight, I`d prefer to be curled up with a book. I credit this early love of reading to my success in school, university, and beyond. Adding to that a writer and fellow reader for a daddy and story time is a regular occurrence in our house. 

We try to expose HP to an array of books from early learners about alphabets, colours and shapes (thanks again Su for the great set of books!) to the traditional must-reads for kids of all ages, such as Dr. Seuss, to more advanced age books, such as Where the Sidewalk Ends (thanks cousin Emily!) and the Giving Tree (thanks Auntie Brooke) by Shel Silverstein.

In fact, we have been the lucky recipient of many books for the little man as gifts from family and friends. We love seeing what they enjoy and how HP responds to each new story. In fact, one of our favourite gifts from Christmas was a huge bag of Scholastic books from HP's grandparents. There must have been about 35 or 40 books in the bag for various age ranges and we are looking forward to making our way through them as he grows.

Right now, we`re enjoying reading The Very Cranky Bear (thank you to the Wellsmans for that one!).

It is a board book that is easy for Hudson to handle and play with (and chew). It is also long enough to tell a story, but short enough to hold his attention. The brightly coloured pictures help with that too, as does the easy rhyming rhythm that just rolls off your tongue. You can see his enjoyment of the book finale here:

Of course, Hudson has also expressed his preference for a few books as well, particularly those with a touch and feel component. He has this fascination with flicking things to see how they feel and what they do. The toilet paper roll being just one example, but I digress. The touch and feel books are perfect for that. This one, also from Harrison Wellsman, has been devoured. Literally.

The top/title is missing: The Wheels on the Bus
We have read and read and read and sang and sang and sang this one over and over and over. Several times a day it makes an appearance. To the point that Hudson has learned exactly where to touch on each page as soon as that page is opened. Also to the point of destruction. I guess HP will also be a devourer of books.

Touch and feel indeed!

Of course, kid lit isn`t the only thing being read around here. I also believe that Hudson should see us reading. Living by example and all that. So right now, I`m enjoying the latest selection for our book club - 11/22/63 by Stephen King.

It`s not the traditional scary fare he`s known for, rather more of a character story with a bit historical fiction and fantasy mixed in. I`m loving it and eager to find more time in my days to finish it before we meet in early February. Waiting in the wings is this one by Tina Fey, which I hear is very funny. And Daddy, well he's been skimming this one of late, which satisfies his love of reading and music simultaneously:

image from amazon.com

There you have it, that`s what we're reading right now.

What story is in your hands these days?

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Jennifer Wellsman said...

Glad little Hudson likes the books! We too read everyday to Charlotte and Harrison. I'll be surprised if they don't have the same love of reading that we have, especially their dad who reads ALL the time, even when walking. Yes, he's been seen walking and reading many a time, especially when we both worked downtown! I'm reading a Kathy Reicsh book at the moment, "Deja Vu Dead". I love a good murder mystery. Charlotte loves everything that is Dora and Princesses (although she does like other books thrown in for good measure) and Harrison likes "Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball". This was one of Charlotte's favourites when she was younger too.