May 11, 2012

Celebrate Friday, Celebrate Your Momma

Just a little happy for you on your Friday.
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The sun is shining where I am, I have a massage appointment later today, along with a bottle of tasty red waiting to be cracked open. All in all makes for an awesome Friday in my books.
And it’s Mother’s Day weekend to boot, allowing me to celebrate all the awesome mommas in my life. My momma who raised me right. Her momma who did the same for her. My hubby’s momma who blessed me with a gentleman. My sister who reminds me to be less uptight about it all, taking it all in stride with a beautiful four year old to show for it. My bestie who’s raising three amazing boys of her own and being the next best thing for my HP during the week. And so many many more strong, smart, amazing women. I’m truly one lucky lady to be surrounded by so many lovely ladies.
I hope you take time to honour all the mommas you’ve been blessed with. And of course, enjoy your Friday!

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