May 10, 2012

To Your Heart's Content

It’s only Thursday and I’m already looking forward to the weekend. Ah, the life of being back to work where specific days of the week have more meaning. I’ll be getting my last 10-12km long run out of the way this evening so I can spend the weekend enjoying some R&R. And rest assured I have a few fun things on the agenda.
I’ll start with an overdue massage for my crying muscles, the same ones that have been carrying me through run and after run after run with minimal complaint. Then there’ll be a Friday evening glass of wine, with every sip savoured as after this weekend my body and soul will be on the race hydration plan. There’s a birthday party to honour the most awesome four-year old in the world, my nephew.  And a BBQ to celebrate Mother’s Day with my lovely family. And then hopefully, oh so very hopefully, some crafting.
I spent all of last weekend scrapping to my heart’s content. And through it all I was reminded how content it makes me. So often I let other priorities take over my time, be it housework or a run, instead of scrap. Yes, those other things must be done too, but that’s just it isn’t it. They must be done, whereas scrapbooking and creating does not. So I do them first, instead of the fun stuff. I have to remember that the other stuff, that’ll get done anyway at some point. Sometimes I just must make time to create with glue and paint and tape and paper.  I have to make time to do those little things I love.
And I do love it so. I love it from beginning to end. From selecting the photos, the paper, the stuff. To the process of pushing things around a page, layering bits and bobs until it’s just so, writing the words that tell the story. To seeing the end page that slides into the ever growing album of our family. Last weekend inspired me to try to make more time for the hobby that I love – even if it’s just once a month a crop night or a class. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the crafty goodness I created last weekend, some of the goodness that came of this mess:
Looking down at my scrapping space at the weekend retreat ...

Until I do, which is after I get some decent light to take a few snaps, I’ll send you to see Sara (scroll down to her Monday post to see a pic of me intrigued by her demo at gthe retreat!), Krista, and Cathy, all of whom were also at the retreat and have been much more timely in sharing their beautiful creations.

I’ll also suggest you think about what makes your heart content and maybe, just maybe, think about skipping the laundry this weekend and doing that instead. I know I will be doing just that.

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Sara said...

Wow. Skipping the laundry and scrapping instead - that would be fabulous! However, we're toilet training around here so I think the laundry might be the priority, unfortunately! :) Hoping to get crafty tonight while you run though. Good luck with the last long one!