May 15, 2012

Let the Crafty Creation Catch-up Begin!

I’ve been completely tardy with sharing my crafty creations from the Paperie’s weekend retreat. Mostly because I’ve not had opportunity to take some snaps of said creations while the light was decent (hello morning rushes and evening playtimes!). I finally got around to it  yesterday after work and have a ton to share with you. I’ll spread it out over a few days so this post isn’t five hundred miles long!

We’ll start with some Project Life catch-up. The last time I shared a Project Life spread with y’all was waaaay back in March...March 23rd to be exact! Yes, I realize that’s almost two months, but you see I got “behind” in my album. I’d been doing so well up til then, but the last week of March I got sucked into party planning mode, preparing for little man’s multitude of birthday celebrations. Then it was partypalooza week. Followed immediately by the week before I went back to work and all the loose ends that entailed. And then it was back to work week. And, well you get it. Before I knew it I was weeks behind!
Fortunately the scrap weekend was on the horizon and I could see a solid chunk of time to focus on getting back up to snuff. I spent pretty much the first two days of the retreat focused on my Project Life album. I had my notes kept, my pictures sorted and sized and it was now a matter of cutting, writing, adorning, and slotting. It took more time than I expected, but by Saturday evening Weeks 11 through 17 were done, along with one extra insert. I even managed to complete Week 19 on Sunday, leaving me now with only Week 18 and one insert for Hudson’s birthday left to do. Phew!
I’ll start off the crafty creation catch-up by sharing Week 11 and the insert from that week - that should be enough to whet your appetite for today.

Here’s the double page spread for Week 11, where you can see front side of the insert:

Again, I apologize for the glare, but it was the best I could do without taking everything out of the pockets. And when photographing eight weeks in the 30 minute window I had before the boy got home, taking eight weeks of photos and notes out of pockets wasn`t an option!

To give you a better look, here are a few close-ups:

This the centre + title card in my insert for the week. I took 12 pictures on March 12, just capturing random snippets from the day. I used a baseball card protector sheet, which held the twelve photos, a few journalling cards about the pics, and a couple of filler cards. If you look up and to the right, you`ll see one of the note card. I used numbered brads which corresponded to number stickers on the photo, which you can see there on the bottom right corner. By each numbered brad I simply jotted down a short sentence about the pick. On each card I added some washi tape and an embellishment or two and called it done.

 This is the back of the same card, with the little filler for the back side of the insert. I love the Ali Edwards stamp, which I borrowed from a friend at the retreat (thanks Rae Lynn!).

Above is a close-up from the right side of the page. I usually use 4x6 pics in the main slots, but for this one I cropped a close-up of my new sneakers and used the extra space to put a little detail about the half marathon training at that point in time. Above it, in the smaller 3x4 slots, I made some more notes on a journaling card from the PL kit and also stuck the receipt for the sneakers along with a piece from the sneaker box. I liked that piece from the box because it said `we run` which tied in perfectly to the BOGO deal Des and I got on the sneaks!

Another close-up from the right side of the spread showing the cuteness of my boy. I used some letter stickers and a rub-on for the photo and captured the details on a journaling card.

In the above close-up from the left-side of the spread, I captured a story without a photo. HP started walking on his own that Sunday afternoon, but I didn`t get a pic of it. I wanted to get the story in there, so I just jotted it down. You also see a note about getting our windsheild repaired - which I wrote on a piece of paper from a notepad the autoglass shop gave us when we picked up our car. I trimmed that down to fit and added a sticker to capture the date. Love using bits of everyday life like this in the album.

Thanks for looking and I’ll be back tomorrow with another couple of weeks. Before you know it, you’ll be all caught up too!

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