May 16, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 12 & 13

Back at ya today with some more Project Life recaps, starting with Week 12's double page spread:

Week 12 was a slower week on pictures, so there were a few more journaling cards and a couple of filler cards to round out the week. Here's a closer look at the left-side:

That picture on the top was a follow-up to the story I captured in Week 11 about HP starting to walk. I finally managed a decent snap of him where he clearly appears in motion, without too much blur.

 The bottom right corner of the page includes a note my mom left for us:

She babysat for us on Saturday night and stayed overnight, which meant she also got up early on Snday morning - an added bonus of Nanny Pat. Des and I enjoyed a little extra snoozing and mom put Hudson down for his morning nap and headed for home while we were still asleep. Nice right? She left us a note detailing his various and sundry activities from the morning - love it!
And here`s a closer look at the right side of the spread - love the picture of Hudson on the top left, eating pizza, looking like the Godfather! Forgettaboutit ...

On the right-side of week 12, I also included this instagram photo that my wonderful hubby took for me. He was hanging in the shed with some guys, smoking a cigar. I love that he captured this for me to include. Makes me thankful for him. Hence the filler card with word stickers, punched hearts, etc next to it:

Above that is a pic of me and HP, cuddling on the couch. Melts my heart he does:

Moving right along to Week 13 - which was also the week of Hudson's big birthday bash. I still have the insert for this to do, so the double page spread captures basically everything else from that week:

The week took in party preparations, outdoor time with the boy, a visit to Aunt Sandy`s to get Hudson accustomed before mama headed back to work, and a movie for mom and dad. Here`s a look at the left side of the spread:

I stuck with a white, grey, red and black colour scheme as those were HPs birthday party colours, so the whole spread should look nice together. And of course those colours just happened to work nicely with the rest of the week`s photos too. And here`s the right side of the spread:

And a couple of close-ups for you - the week`s intro card with some washi tape and letter stickers.

And the movie tickets from the Hunger Games. I really do love including the little bits of stuff from our everyday life.

There you have it, we are now officially into April in Project Life sharing. Hope to have another couple for you this week, if the schedule allows. And of course, you will get to see the birthday insert when it gets done :)

Have a nice Wednesday!

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