March 24, 2011

DIY Artwork

We're still awaiting the nursery bedding. According to USPS, it was received at Canadian Customs on March 15 with no updated status since. Hopefully we'll see it sometime this week. In the meantime, I thought you'd enjoy a little sneak peak of what's else is happening in the nursery.

I decided to try some DIY artwork for the walls. I was inspired by a bunch of things I spied on, but didn't want to wait even more weeks for shipping. I figured I could create my own versions at home, frame it up and call it done.
I wanted both an alphabet print and a number print. I perused a bunch of etsy shops and then sat down with MS Publisher (I'm not yet proficient enough to tackle it in photoshop) to create my own prints - customized to the nursery colours. Once happy with them, I printed them on heavy card stock and they were ready for framing.

I picked up the inexpensive white frames earlier this week, they just need a good cleaning to get the layer of dust and finger prints off them.

Once they were framed up, I thought they looked pretty cute. Particularly given they cost me nothing more than the frames!

And ta-da!

The bottom frame will hold a birth date print. That print is already created in two versions, one with our boy name and one with our girl name, and is just awaiting the birth date, time, weight and length details. You'll get to see it sometime after wee one's arrival - no sneak peak on that one ;)

And there you have it. With just a couple of hours of effort, I created, printed, framed and hung my DIY art. I'm pretty sure Baby Ryan won't mind that it's not Monet :)


brooklynCREATIVE said...

Love it! I recreate my own versions of art all the time.

p.s. Nice rug!

Karen said...

I'm pretty sure Baby Ryan will love it even more cause his/her mom made it!!