January 5, 2012

Our Holiday Lens: Part 1

Our holidays were hectic and happy. There was good food, great fun, and lots of love. The days were filled with travel, visiting, family and friends, games, and  laughter. There were many hands to hold our sweet boy while momma and daddy rested, relaxed and rejuvenated. We played, we napped, we ate, we talked, we cuddled, we drank, we rested. We celebrated the birth of Christ and our sweet cheeks' first Christmas. All in all, it was a great way to wrap up an amazing year. 

We hung out by the tree.

We snuggled with Auntie.

We played lots of music and had fun.

There was a bedtime story on Christmas Eve.

And of course new matching PJs for the little cousins.

We sprinkled reindeer food for Rudolph and friends.

And peeked to see if Santa could be seen before heading to bed.

But alas, he didn't show up until all the little boys and girls were sound asleep. 

Santa left a very cool ride for HP.

And momma and daddy gave him a retro ecord player.
(And a modern day Fisher Price Ipod holder!)

There was plenty of dog chasing, though B didn't want to be caught.

There was the start of a new hockey fan.
Daddy got tickets to a game in Montreal.

Momma was happily surprised with a mixer.
And yes, that's honest-to-goodness happiness with a kitchen appliance for Christmas.
Serious glee people. Serious glee.

I think HP can taste the cookies already.
There was oh so much laughter.

And happy visits with loved ones.
and too many cute expressions to count!
And this was just up until Christmas Day! There will be more from our holiday lens tomorrow...

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Elizabeth said...

Is that a Kitchen Aid mixer?!?! I'm super jealous!! I want one SO BADLY!! :) Glad you guys had a nice Christmas! Hudson is such a cutie, as usual! :)