January 6, 2012

Our Holiday Lens: Part 2

Our Christmas adventures continued after we left my family's house in Kingston (near Northern Bay) and headed to Des' family home in Southern Bay, back to Kingston, and finally home again. It was a good thing Santa took it easy this year as there were seemingly more and more and more gifts for HP at every turn. He is a loved little boy indeed!

Round two of Christmas present opening started. Thankfully there were older cousins to help!

Sporting some new kicks from Aunt Lou.

And HP wasn't the only one spoiled with awesome presents.
Des showing his glee at his box set.

Our first attempt at a family photo.
Ok, but would be better if we all looked at the same lens ;)

We enjoyed a visit with Michelle, who snuggled HP
while momma and daddy had their first morning coffee.

We played more music at Nanny & Poppy`s.

And enjoyed a semi-quiet ride back home thanks to Fisher Price.
Ipod holder perhaps the best used gift this Christmas!

We enjoyed a quiet family NYE at home, starting with appy`s and wine by the fire.

And a toast to the year gone by and the one ahead. Even HP joined in on our cheers!

Finally, NYD dinner at Aunt Sherry & Uncle Terry`s meant even more hands to hold HP
including cousin Chris

And Aunt Pauline, who spoiled HP with some stylin` clothes

and the always happy-to-see him cousin Emily. HP (and we) loves her.
And the festivities all wrapped up with a striped down bottle and cuddle with Aunt Sherry.
T`was a wonderful season for our little trio and a perfect way to a very happy 2011.
We`re now ready to take on 2012.
From our home to yours, we wish you a very happy, healthy New Year!

Ahhh... a family photo where we`re all looking at the right lens AND smiling.
Hello 2012.

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