February 21, 2012

Pay It Forward: The Reveal

Earlier this month I posted about Pay It Forward 2012. The concept was simple, the first five people to comment on a friend's facebook status about paying it forward would receive something handmade by her in exchange for reposting the status on their page and giving something handmade to the first five people who commented on their status, and so on from there.

In my previous post I just gave a sneak-peak into my handmade goodies, as the recipients had yet to recieve them and I wanted them to have some element of surprise. I mailed them shortly thereafter and know at least three of the five recipients have their treats in hand, which means they likely all do and it's likely safe to share.

I decided to use my existing craft and scrapbook supplies to make up five card and gift tag sets. Each set included three cards and two gift tags that the recipients can use to give to family or friends. How's that for a little pay it forward in a pay it forward! Here's a look at what I whipped up in a long-nap afternoon:

A mixed set of a thank you card, a hello car and a happy day card,
with two thank you tags - I can totally see these hanging over a bottle of wine!

Two sets of thank you cards and tags

Another mixed card set and two friends tags

And a similar mixed card set, only with a best wishes instead of a congrats card
and two friends tags.

Once they were finished, I packaged them up in envelopes and then randomly wrote names/addresses on them so I didn't have to pick who got what sets! I loved them all, so I couldn't pick and choose :)

If you're so inspired, maybe you can make something for someone special this week. Whether a sweet treat, a casserole for supper, a card, a handsewn apron, a knitted hat, or a simple cup of coffee, I'm sure they'll love it. And honestly, there's no better feeling than giving something handmade.


Sarah Jones said...

I received mine and LOVE them! Just beautiful!

Sara said...

These look fabulous and it's such a great idea! *Almost* makes me wish I was in Facebook! :)

Jennifer Wellsman said...

Love mine too!