January 5, 2011

Daily Inspirations

I love bloghopping and discovering little bits of inspiration. It comes in so many wonderful forms from scrapbooking and crafts to words and images, recipes and homey-goodness to music and the ponderings of others. Here are a few things I'm lovin' today:
One Little Word
Photo: Ali Edwards @ aliedwards.com
I've been a regular reader of Ali Edwards' blog for several years and have always loved her One Little Word concept. I've decided to go with it this year. To pick a word that will help shape my year and guide me in living life more intentionally. It totally meshes with my views on New Year's resolutions. More on my One Little Word to come...in the meantime, hop on over to Ali's blog to read more. Maybe you'll be inspired to discover your own word for 2011.

Word Chains

hammered names around pearl necklace from noisycricket's etsy shop.

I can just see this with my one little word and the year on it. Or perhaps with our sweet baby-to-be's name. Etsy has oodles of such jewellery, just search hammered necklaces to find them. What I love about this one from noisycricket's shop is the rustic texture, the cupped shape, and the lovely pearl nestled just so. A perfect gift for that someone special.

Lovely Red Wreath
heart wreath from eighteen25
I know Christmas has barely passed us by, but doesn't handmade felt wreath just get you in the mood for all things red and lovely? Not sure I have the patience for cutting out those circles, but the end result would be so worth it!

Words to the Wise

The Real Life – Poems for Wise Living by Tara Sophia Mohr.

A lovely compilation of poetry free for the downloading with pretty artwork to boot. As Tara notes on her Wise Living blog "If you think you aren’t a poetry fan, try these any way. They are accessible. They talk like people talk (ish). And they are about the things we are all grappling with." There's one in particular I enjoy and I'm sure you'll find the same.

I hope something in my mix inspires you today too.

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