April 25, 2011

Right Now...

Right now, I am:

... in awe of this handsome, healthy, happy boy of mine.

... completely sleep deprived, trying (relatively unsuccessfully thus far) to teach myself how to nap midday.

... craving hot cups of coffee and long hot showers, yet enjoying cuddles and the occasional coo instead.

... adjusting to our new life routine with Hudson - eat, burp, diaper change, sleep (him, not me), rinse and repeat.

... grateful for my mom, who made the transition home and first couple of weeks with little man so much easier.

... adoring and appreciating my handsome husband for his patience, love and support. We were a family of  two and now we're a happy trio.

... reminding myself to be OPEN to this new experience of motherhood, with all its ups and downs, knowing these early days will pass much too quickly and before long be a distant memory in my heart.


brooklynCREATIVE said...

I know you and Des will both be wonderful parents to little Hudson. He's a very lucky little boy.

Now go have a nap!

sandy said...

Love you guys!! Becoming a mom is the most rewarding and exhausting experience. You're doing amazing with your sweet little guy!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Colleen...I think it will inspire me to start one, in fact! Hudson is so precious...from the sounds of things you are doing wonderfully as a new mom! I noticed you mentioned that you don't always sleep when Hudson does. That is comforting to me because I found in the beginning, I really struggled with learning how to nap when Natalie napped...there were summer days when I would look out the window wistfully and long to just be outside walking or running or even sitting.....least of all napping! I would be so tired and all my friends and family would be telling me to sleep...if only for 10 minutes...but it was the last thing I wanted to do! I think it was more toward the 2nd and 3rd month when I came to really love nap time...I would put her next to me on the bed and the two of us would sleep together for an hour or more. I think back now at how special those moments were! They are so rare now, because her naps are only ever 30 or 40 minutes - and I am trying to be strict with placing her in her crib and not letting her nap with me (as much as I want her to!) otherwise leaving her with a sitter will be a bad scene LOL! Anyway it is crazy how quick they grow! I was watching videos last night of Natalie when she was 2 months old - amazing the difference from then to now. Hudson is sooo sweet!! Good luck!